Mr. Shahabaz Boota finished his M.Th in Systematic Theology form the Asia Graduate School of Theology (AGST), Manila. He is pursuing his Ph.D program in South Africa as a part time candidate.

Mr. Naghman Javed has joined MA course in Christian Music at the Baptist Theological Seminary in Baguio city, Philippines for three years. His wife Aneeta and two young daughters are also with him.

Mr. Tariq Aslam is now enrolled in M.Th at ZBS

Mr. Amjad Masih has completed M.Div at ZBS as faculty trainee to teach our B.Th and Diploma classes. He is also enrolled in the M.Th at ZBS.

Miss Jean

Mr.Farhan Hameed

Rev. Han Jonsuke has enrolled in a doctorate program in Malaysia.

Rev. Paul Kim is completing his PhD.

Pastor Robinson