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Welcome to Zarephath bible Seminary

Zarephath Bible Seminary (ZBS) began in 1982 known as Zarephath Bible Institute (ZBI) in Attock City. Now it is located in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. It is accredited by the Asia Theological Association, Manila. We provide quality theological education to Christian men and women to enable them to grow in their faith, to serve others, and to be a blessing to the nation of Pakistan.

Principal Desk

Simple but Special Christmas 2020
This year ZBS’s community is celebrating a simple Christmas with so many brothers and sisters around the world due to the threats of Corona Virus. This time Christmas is simple, but it is very meaningful and special because the Savior of the World has been born to save the world. If we see Christmas in the first century, it was amazingly simple but was a significantly special. Most of the people who met with Jesus Christ in His early days were simple but very committed people and their worship and dedication to the Lord was incredibly special. The place where Jesus was born was a simple place but became a special place of worship. The shepherds were simple, but they became special when they worshipped Jesus the very first time. Their worship was amazingly simple but incredibly special as Jesus was their focus and they gave the best to Him alone. In this 21st century we have many things, there are modern people, modern music instruments, modern languages, modern liturgy, modern cloths and food items, modern decorations items, modern trends but simple worship with dedication and love is missing in our lives, families, churches.
This Christmas reminds us about the real spirit of Christmas. Christmas is all about worshiping Jesus, dedicating our lives to Him, and loving Him with all our heart, strength, and spirit. Due to Corona Virus threats we might be isolated with only our immediate family. There might be many things missing and it seems that we must celebrate Christmas in a remarkably simple way, but it is alright. It was a simple Christmas in the first century, but people celebrated it in a special way. You can also make it special by worshiping the Lord in your homes, which will be a simple worship in your perspective but in Jesus’ perspective it is a special worship. Material things are not so important, but our worship, dedication, and love for Him must be special in this Christmas Season because Jesus is the Reason for the Season. ZBS Principal Rev. Shahbaz Boota

Why Us

1- Training Community and Church Leaders through excellent, internationally recognized and accredited courses, to strengthen and serve the Christian minority in Pakistan.

2- Equipping and supporting women to study, providing a safe environment and scholarship for married and single women.

3- Nation-building and working for the welfare of all Pakistanis, as our graduates work in the five Provinces of Pakistan. We seek to be a blessing to all people in Pakistan.

4- Training and equipping indigenous men and women for the fulfilment of God command to share the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ to unreached people in Pakistan and beyond.


What our Student says

ZBS is teaching very contexual and it has focus on evengelism and character building.

Areej Arshad


B.TH (3rd year)

The daily devotion in the morning encourages me to read the Holy Bible daily. ZBS has family environment which is also effecting on my family life.

Zechariah Mall


B.TH (2nd year)

ZBS is training me to compete with the world. It is also giving us a Christian attitude and a standard lifestyle.

Sharaz Honey


M.Div (3rd year)